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Saman Pajuhan Aria Gostar; SPAG; is the first Technology based Company in Iran working on Zeolite science and technology.

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  Saman Pajoohan Aria Gostar (SPAG) Saman Pajoohan Aria Gostar; SPAG; is an Iranian Zeolite Research group, which is renown as the first Technology based Zeolite Company in Iran, which is established in 2004 to work in all aspects of Zolite sciences and technologies , consultant, research and development.

SPAG also supplies all type of synthetic zeolites, natural zeolite(i.e. Clinoptilolite) with different purity, meshes and packaging.
Science and Technology Park of Tehran University, 16th Street of North Amir Abad Ave., Tehran, Iran,
Tel-Fax: +98-21-88334707
moblie:+ 98-912-3465155
e-mail: spag.co@gmail.com,

SPAG Zeolite Research group employs YOUNG , ENERGETIC and EDUCATED peoples from top universities in Iran. IRAN has a huge potential of the industries that are utilizing Zeolites as sorbents, catalysts, detergent builder etc. SPAG company is working on the development of the ZEOLITES science and technology in Iran, SPAG is active in all aspects of zeolite business such as import and export of natural and synthetic zeolites. IRAN has also huge resources of different natural zeolites, specially CLINOPTILOLITE. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE SEND E_MAIL:info@spag-co.com and spag_co@yahoo.com, hosseinkazemian@gmail.com.